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Folktale Week...and how time flies.

Hello! I have not been much of a blogger as planned, and here we are in November already heading full speed for Christmas!

Amongst other projects I am participating in the worldwide online illustration challenge, Folktale week 2018. Every day from 19th November there is a prompt to be interpreted in any way the artists like. There are some absolutely stunning imaginative images to enjoy by following #folktaleweek2018

Here are my pieces so far: My 'poster' to keep myself committed. I could not pass up this challenge. As a kid I was given a treasury of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy tales that I was absolutely enchanted by. I still have the book, and I still get the same feelings when I look at the beautiful illustrations by Jiri Trnka.

This is based on the story The Seven Ravens - these ravens are the brothers of the youngest sister who were turned into ravens shortly after her birth. She grows up, leaves home to track them down, the spell is broken the brothers become human again and finally reunited with their little sister

Day One: Forest. This one is loosely based on an Australian indigenous people's story of how the birds got their colour. I have depicted the beautiful yellow bellied black cockatoo.

Folktale Week: Forest

Day Two: Witch. I have used the witch from Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm. Here though, she is not interested in tricking children to fatten and eat them - no she just interested in baking goods to share with visitors to the forest. Stumbling on her welcoming home is a wonderful surprise!

I will continue on with the challenge and continue to post here.

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